“Welcome to the shoot”

Wood Advent offers guns and their guests classic high Exmoor pheasants combined with luxurious accommodation.

The shoot combines a wonderful blend of natural hardwood covers, steep sided valleys, mature fir woods and strategically placed game crops, all spread over 1200 acres in the heart of the National Park. This picturesque terrain provides 16 varied drives, perfect for showing true sporting pheasants in these stunning surroundings and allowing days to be tailored to suit the requirements of any team of guns who need a challenge. Your morning will usually consist of three drives, plus a “Sausage and Tipple” stop.

A home cooked lunch is then served in the farm’s Cider House. Two more drives will follow lunch, with further refreshment when we return to the Cider House for tea, cake and drinks.

Our team of regular beaters ensure there are a steady flow of birds for the guns to shoot bags of 150 to 200 birds. While we have a large and reliable team of pickers up with excellent dogs, guns are always welcome to work their own dogs